"My goal is that my title and appearance completely contradicts what I'm capable of" - Rookie

“Just the other day I was walking into a meeting on Sunset Blvd when this man referred to me as Barbie” 20 year old female entrepreneur and aspiring music producer, Isabella Lafferty laughs. “…It’s just my reality. But others perception of me doesn’t change my ambition or purpose. If anything it strengthens my vision”. Isabella adds, “My goal is that my title and appearance completely contradicts what I'm capable of"…that way I can prove to those who feel underestimated and uncomfortable in their own skin that it’s dope to be who you want despite society’s high standards”.

 At 19 years old, Isabella re-located to Los Angeles and founded the purpose - driven streetwear company The Rookie Movement. Isabella claimed the stage-name “Rookie” after being referred to as that from a potential business partner. “Two months after calling me a rookie, the same business owner emailed me apologizing for being insincere. It turns out he was watching Snoop Dogg’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and recognized my clothing on the backup dancers. He did a little digging and soon learned I styled the whole 2017 tour” laughs Isabella. “That day I changed my name on Instagram to Rookie and decided to embrace it”. 

Being a young woman in a male dominated industry isn’t the first time Isabella has gotten made fun of or not taken seriously. While still expressing a positive deposition, Isabella confessed that at a young age she was bullied by her step sister up until 6th grade... when her sister was sent to rehab. The hardship she faced in her family life is what first brought Isabella to music. “I wrote my first song in middle school asking my sister to stop running away and being mean to my mom”. The bullying resumed in high school when Isabella’s 3 childhood best friends slept with her boyfriend at the time. Following, the girls bullied her out of the all female private high school she was attending in Phoenix, Arizona. The next year Isabella decided to write a book about her experiences and pursue a career in modeling. Junior year of high school, Isabella shed 60 pounds in a healthy time span only to get rejected by the modeling industry and called “anorexic” by her classmates. “Figuring out who I am has been a long journey and tough battle. Once I finally started to be honest with myself and accept my nature, I became extremely confident in my power to give back and inspire those suffering” exclaims Isabella. “It took me 8 years, when I was re-introduced to my sister, to stop staring at lyrics I had been writing my whole life and do something with them. On a family trip to Florida I opened Garage Band on my iPhone and realized I could make beats. Literally that day I enrolled in Music Production school”. 

When Isabella is not in class, she spends her free time researching e-commerce and marketing. “I can’t remember the last time I watched a Netflix show. I’m a 5’10 blonde nerd. Who would have ever thought!” Isabella laughs. 




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