Insomniac introduction

Its 4 A.M. as I lie awake in a sweat starring pathetically at the wall through my blood shot eyes waiting for a sound to creep me out.

My insomnia is back.

Ever since I can remember, I have dealt with insomnia.

At its worst stage, I am flooded with nightmares almost as if my body is forcing me to stay awake and suffer though the long hard days. It seems hopeless. 

Today in particular, I woke up fearful for my life because of this new website you are on right now. HOW CRAZY DOES THAT SOUND. I know.

I've been battling sleep with my work addiction.

I will come home from a long day at work and sacrifice hours of sleep to work on the launch of this website. That isn't a surprise to me or anyone I know, though. LOL. I've been a workaholic from day one. I get infatuated with certain things and nothing can stop me, even my precious sleep hours. It's an issue... 

But when I actually do get some shut eye, my body rejects it... waking me up with a NIGHTMARE... basically telling me to get back to work.

So there is no winning in my situation, do you see my problem now?

Sorry sorry... I'll get back to the story about last night.

Ah this website, okay. 

My fascination for production, fashion, and research has led me to finding a great addition to The Rookie Movement and my website.... wholesale.

Before, it was just my original brand. (I will dive into that in another blog)

I can now incorporate the things I see and love, to my shop. ADD TO CART. It's the most fascinating and exciting hobby I have had in a long time.

LOL I know, I am weird. 

Last night I dreamt of EVERYONE thinking I was claiming all of these new designs and products that fulfill my website... and black mailing me.

Dreams of course are very exaggerated, its actually funny when you think about what was in store for you the night prior. Or is it just me!? Hmmm... maybe I will start a segment on that... HAHA.

Comment below if you have similar experiences or if I am a complete psychopath...

Anyways, this EXAGGERATED dream included some sort of ceremony where I was to be revieled for being a trader. I am losing memory of this dream now, it is fading away... but if I do remember correctly, there was a boat with fire involved somewhere and someones life being at risk.

Okay, my audience of zero has convinced me...


I will now start a insomniac addition where I share my dreams in detail RIGHT WHEN I WAKE UP. 

They are too bizarre to pass up. 

I am going to try and lie my head back down so my new roommate doesn't think I'm a complete looney typing at 6 P.M., 9 P.M., 10 P.M., 12 P.M., and now 4 A.M. ... lol.

That is all for now,

Thanks for reading. I'll be back shortly (give me 2 hours), whether you like it or not. ;)






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